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Fleece to Fibre: the making of the Large Tree Group Tapestry

Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh


The Museum of the Highlands and Islands, Inverness


Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne


Fleming Collection, London

Fleece to Fibre was an exhibtion centred on the tapestry based on a painting by Victoria Crowe. Created using only undyed wool, from throughout the United Kingdom, it was a celebration of sheep, wool, spinners, growers, and all those who contributed to the project.


Photographs by Alicia Bruce were commissioned to document many of the people involved in producing the wools: including spinners, farmers, and landholders. An interactive 'touch table' proved very popular, as did a short film on the project made by Sitar Rose, and some spectacular portraits of sheep by Paul Farnham.


The exhibition traveled to Inverness, London, and Melbourne.


The tapestry has since been acquired by the National Museums Scotland, and can be seen in Hawthornden Court.

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